9/18" Universal Tile Mount System

TORR's Universal Flat Tile Mount is ... shorter post to enable a low-profile installation of solar panels on flat tile roofs.

At a glance...

  • Flashing at both the deck and top level
  • Stable base standoff system
  • 3031 lbs. average ultimate pullout (Douglas fir); 803 lbs. average ultimate shear
  • 18 x 18" top flashing with spun aluminum cone
  • 9 x 9" subflashing with spun aluminum cone
  • All exposed hardware is 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Attaches to roof structure with 2 or 4 fasteners
  • Meets or exceeds tile roofing best practices
  • All fasteners and hardware included
  • 25-year warranty | 50-year expected life
  • Works with all leading racks
  • Patents pending
  • Made in USA

$23.26Base price does not include riser
Sold in boxes of 12
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The subflashing at the roof deck acts as a waterproof base protecting all penetration points from any water intrusion. TORR Flashings are machined from one piece having no seems to fail from age or extreme weather conditions. The top flashing can be hand formed to fit nearly any surface geometry.

When Standoff Anchor cannot be directly mounted to the center of the rafters or trusses, roofing substrates alone will not provide the pullout strength needed to withstand severe wind conditions. TORR Industries Solar Mounting recommendation: First mount wood blocking horizontally between rafters (2x4 or 4x4 wood blocks on underside of roof). Center the Solar Standoff Anchor over the newly installed block and securely mount to the roof using two 3” lags provided with the Solar Round Mount Standoff Assembly. TORR Industries also manufactures Solar Offset Base Mounts for more solar mounting versatility.

Round Mount tile kits using flat tile, s tile and w tile flashing kits

  • More

    Roof applications

    All tile roofs, curved or flat

    Available Finishes

    Aluminum mill & Bronze anodized


    3031 lbs. average ultimate pullout (Douglas fir); 803 lbs. average ultimate shear

    Based on up to 6" stand-off.
    Over 6" effects pullout/shear integrity.

  • Compatible Rack Systems

    • AET
    • DPW Power Rail
    • Everest Solar
    • HatiCon Solar
    • IronRidge
    • Mounting Systems, Inc
    • Polar Racking
    • ProSolar
    • PV Racking, LLC
    • Renusol Solar Mounting Systems
    • Schletter
    • S:Flex
    • SnapNrack
    • SolarWorld Sunfix plus
    • SunPower
    • Unirac
    • Unistrut
  • Tools for Installation

    • Tape measure
    • Drill with 7/32" wood bit
    • Ratchet with 1/2" socket
    • Caulking gun
    • One tube of sealant compatible with roofing materials
    • 30lb felt paper
    • Cleanup - broom/vacuum
    • Roofer's bar or shingle ripper

9/18" Universal System Resources

Whats Included? (x12 per box)

  • 1 Standoff Anchor Base Plate
  • 1 Panel Mount Standoff
  • 2 5/16X3 Stainless Lag Screw
  • 1 5/16"-18 X5/8 HHCS 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • 1 18-8 Stainless 5/16 Washer
  • 1 18-8 Stainless 5/16 Lock Washer
  • 1 5/16X1" Hex Head Cap Screw
  • 1 5/16X1.25" Bonded Sealing Washer
  • 1 9 x 9" Cone Flashing
  • 1 18 X 18" Cone Flashing
  • 1 1" Pipe Collar